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What is Savory 360°?

Savory powers culinary amenities for organizations, co-working spaces, and commercial real estate properties with a fraction of the on-site footprint of traditional cafeterias. We power food-as-a-service (FaaS) programs that include individual meal delivery, meeting catering, office-wide meals, pantry management, events, and more -- leveraging our central Manhattan 9,000sqft kitchen + your future, on-site service hub!

Savory 360° runs your office

Savory understands that hospitality plays a central role in positive company culture and wellbeing.

Employee Meals

Office-wide meal programs for 20+ people!

Corporate Events

We help you organize every detail of your next office-wide event.

Office Parties

We take care of your Summer Fridays, and holiday parties, and happy hours!


We prepare and deliver food for all your breakfast and lunch meetings.

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Snack Services

All your employees will appreciate a fresh-snack program.

Event Management

Our team handles the logistics; food and beverage, staff and cleanup, the works.

Conference Services

Hosting a conference? We help you design and manage every aspect.

Building Concierge

There are many tasks that need attention to make your office great.

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Big menu
We have options for every taste
Ready to eat
Delivered to your office ready to go
Why companies choose Savory 360°

It’s not just our food, it's your company culture--and we want to help make it awesome.

Amenities Operator

Our team takes care of running your food facilities and needs

All in One Place

We serve all your food and event related needs no matter office size


We know what it takes to operate an awesome office

Software Powered

We keep it simple by using software (basically magic)

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9K+ sq. ft

Our Custom Kitchen


Happy Companies


Meals Served
Client Outcomes

You want to have a great meeting. We'll help.

Corporate Facilities Management

Less time wasted for everyone

Reduction on Operational Costs

We all gather around food

More Sustainable Environment

New menu items every week

Stronger Employee Satisfaction

They will thank you. Really!

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Deliveries On-time


Menu Options


Customer Satisfaction
"This really is different"
"...redesign New York’s tradition of ordering in"
"’ll observe one personal touch after another. "
"Office Landlords Roll Out New Perks"

Early meeting? Want to try our breakfast?

Working Lunch? We've got some great offerings.

Buying lunch for your crew?

Picky eaters? We've got you covered.

Just need something to munch on?

Hosting the President (and his entourage)?

Interested in Savory's subscription and office logistics services?

Room Service brings on-demand meals directly to your desk in minutes.

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Order online from a wide variety options—from breakfast and lunch for meetings to bites and snacks for office events. Explore our menu and start ordering now.
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Savory delivers lunch (11:30am - 1:30pm) right to your office reception in Rock Center in ~15 minutes. Set your address to get started.
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