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What is Room Service?

Savory Room Service is an office meal program for participating companies, offering personal choice for each employee. Whether you're a team of 20 or 500+ Savory is the office meal provider that delivers individually selected, delicious lunches that satisfy everyone's tastes. Great food is now effortless at the office!

How Room Service works

You are a few short steps from having lunch delivered right to your desk.

Accept your invite

You will receive from your company an inbox invite to join Savory Select.

Place your order

Order lunch from your browser or mobile device. The menu awaits.

Pickup your order

Receive a notification letting you know that lunch has arrived.

Lunch is served

Pickup your lunch at the designated Select location. Enjoy lunch.

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Big menu
We have options for every taste
Responsibly-sourced. Fresh and seasonal
Ready to eat
Delivered to your office ready to go
Nutrition for all
There is something for everyone on our menu
Weekly menu
New offerings every week
We are open for lunch from Monday to Friday
Why companies love Savory

Yes, it’s just food, and we want to make it simple and awesome for you.

On-time delivery

99%+ to be more exact

Personalized menus

Have it your way!


Simple online ordering

Last-minute requests

We are here for you


9K+ sq. ft

Our Custom Kitchen


Happy Companies


Meals Served
Employees agree

We all want to have a great meeting. Savory’s catering will help.

Productivity A+

Less time wasted for everyone

Office culture

We all gather around food

Rotating menu

New menu items every week

Employee love it

They will thank you. Really!



Deliveries On-time


Menu Options


Customer Satisfaction
"This really is different"
"...redesign New York’s tradition of ordering in"
"’ll observe one personal touch after another. "
"Office Landlords Roll Out New Perks"

Early meeting? Want to try our breakfast?

Working Lunch? We've got some great offerings.

Buying lunch for your crew?

Picky eaters? We've got you covered.

Just need something to munch on?

Hosting the President (and his entourage)?

Interested in Savory's subscription and office logistics services?

Room Service brings on-demand meals directly to your desk in minutes.

Want to learn more about Savory 360?

Want to bring Savory Catering to your office?

Send us a note and we will reach out in a flash (seriously)!
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Welcome to Savory Catering
Order online from a wide variety options—from breakfast and lunch for meetings to bites and snacks for office events. Explore our menu and start ordering now.
Welcome to Room Service
Savory delivers lunch (11:30am - 1:30pm) right to your office reception in Rock Center in ~15 minutes. Set your address to get started.
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